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2020-02-12 Bryan daily script to check for updates master
2020-02-12 Bryan a script to generate server names
2019-12-27 Bryan HarrisAdd ssh-pageant
2019-12-27 Bryan HarrisRemove ssh-pageant
2019-12-27 Bryan HarrisAdd ssh-pageant to bash_profile
2019-12-27 Bryan HarrisAdd ssh-pageant to bash_profile
2019-10-24 Bryan HarrisSSH host completion based on known hosts and ssh config bash_profile
2019-10-24 Bryan HarrisMake git-completion path generic
2018-10-31 Bryan HarrisBoilerplate tomcat restart script
2016-06-29 Bryan HarrisRun vim maximized in MS Windows
2016-06-15 Bryan HarrisConfig, script to send failed login reports via email
2016-06-10 Bryan HarrisAdding an "lgb" alias to gitconfig
2016-06-08 Bryan HarrisA method of collecting system resource stats
2016-06-08 Bryan HarrisCreate ioping SlackBuild script
2016-05-10 Bryan HarrisCleaning up vimrc
2016-04-20 Bryan HarrisIgnore both
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